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The 18-volume book of Imam Moturidi “Ta’wilat al-Qur’an” was brought from Turkey

As previously reported, in accordance with the Road Map, approved by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 27, 2018. “On the implementation of the agreements reached during the visit, to further development of the cooperation with Turkish universities and research centers” and memoranda of cooperation between the Center and universities and research institutes in Turkey, young scientists from the International Research Center Imam Bukhari Otabek Muhammadiev and Tokhir Evadullayev completed an internship in the international training course “Authentication of handwritten sources” organized by the Turkish University of Fatih Sultan, Islamic Research Center (ISAM) and Egyptian Institute of Arabic Manuscripts.

Students were awarded with certificates of completion of the course.

During the visit, researchers visited a number of research centers, manuscript funds, and libraries in Turkey, collecting sources on their research topics.

It is gratifying that Yusuf Shawki Yavuz, professor of the faculty of Theology at the University of Marmara in Turkey, donated the 18-volume book of Imam Moturidi “Ta’wilat al-Qur’an” (‘Book of the Interpretations of the Quran’) translated by Turkish scholars to the library fund of the International Research Center of Imam Bukhari. These books became a worthy gift on the eve of the international conference “Imam Abu Mansur Moturidi and the teachings of Moturidia: past and present”, scheduled for March 3-5 in Samarkand.

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