Tomorrow is the birthday of King and great poet Babur. Babur Shah is a unique person of the Islamic world, who is the thanks to genius and his talent. During his short life, he made a great contribution to world literature. Obviously, his most ancient masterpiece – “Baburnama”, written by his memoirs. As you read this book, you will be surprised at how mature and courageous in every aspect of his life he also wrote his own shortcomings and the management of a complex empire. One of the greatest works of our ancestor Babur Shah he is his letter in Turkic language.

This work reflects that period and is an excellent example of the Uzbek literary language. It is our common language that is the main factor in connecting the Turkic peoples with each other. When I read “Baburnama”, I was convinced about it. This is an invaluable resource for linguists, as in all other areas. The merits of book unintentionally attract you to this era. And you compare The medieval Uzbek language, literary language is comparable to the modern language. Z. M. Babur wrote many compositions in his short life (1483-1530), but all the works did not reach us.

The diversity of the content of this work, the fact that it contains world information, the beauty of language and style. This book attracted the attention of orientalists, and its handwritten copies were translated into Western languages in the 18th and especially in the 19th centuries. Although the original title of the work was “Baburia”, it was also called “Story”, “Tuzuki Boburia” and “Story Baburi”, and later it became known as “Baburnama”. The full text of this work was published in 1857 by the Tatar turkologist N. I. Ilminski. It was published introduction russian language in Kazan. After this publication in 1905, the English orientalist Mrs. Beveridge published the “Baburnama” facsimile which was version in Hyderabad. Based on these two versions, in 1948-1949 the full text of the “Baburnama” was published in Uzbekistan, consisting of two parts. Initially, this book was published in the new Uzbek alphabet, personal and geographical namespace, complete dictionary, brief comments and translation. After that, the full text of “Baburnama” was prepared and published for publication in 1960.

In addition, this book was translated into Turkish by a famous orientalist in Turkey Prof. Reshit Rakhmeti Arat in 1943-1946 and published by the Turkish Historical Society in the form of two books. It was published in three volumes under the “1000 Complete Books” by the Ministry of National Education in 1970.

This work of Bobur is a real treasure of all ages and has been a source especially for historians and linguists.


F. Madiev
Researcher, International relations department of Imam Bukhari International Research Center.

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