Associate Professor Irina Katkova, the owner of the international scholarship named after Imam Bukhari, presented her research.

The Russian scholar chose the topic “The written heritage of Sufi in Southeast Asia: the way of Kubroviya in the Malayan archipelago.” She prepared the presentation based on her research at the Center on the topic “The Written Heritage of Sufism: The Concept of “Lataif” in Naqshbandi from Central Asia till to Sumatra”.

N.Katkova gave information about the rather unclear and difficult-to-study processes of the introduction of Islam to the Malayan archipelago, which was dominated by Buddism, and about the Sufism currents that were widespread in this area and about manuscripts.

It is noteworthy that the sources of the 14th and 15th centuries also indicate that there were scientific discussions between the scholars of Bukhara, Samarkand, Khorasan, and other scientific centers of Baghdad. Some of their copies are being kept in St. Petersburg.

The work on jurisprudence and theology school of the Moturidiya and the work “Aqeed” written by Najmiddin Abu Hafs Umar ibn Muhammad Nasafi in Samarkand is the first sources translated into Malay in the islands of the archipelago. Later, the book “Qasidadul Lomiya” by Sirojiddin Oshii, who lived in Bukhara and Samarkand, was also translated.

In addition, the Islamic rules of ethics written in the language of the local population on the island of Yava – the “Book of Bonang” – were formed based on the manuscripts of the collection of “Rawzatul Ulama” written by Ali ibn Yahya Zandavisati Bukhari. It also includes the Islamic (udums) traditions of Bukhara and Samarkand at that time.

The researcher did not deny the important place of the works of the Hanafia school, although the Shafi’i madhab of Islam was officially accepted in the archipelago. According to her, the ideas of this madhab, which originated in Balkh and developed in Samarkand, have been influencing the Islamic thinking of the people of Malaya till today.

In the presentation, the scientist informed in detail about the Islamization of this area with the introduction of Sufi movements, several historical figures who contributed to this, and the sources testifying to the process.

She answered in detail the questions of the participants.

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