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Department of Information Library and Information Technology

Department tasks:

taking into account the scientific, historical, cultural and spiritual and educational heritage of Islam, including the resources stored in manuscripts and archives, the study of encyclopedias, catalogs, albums, popular documentaries, information and resource base preparation and publication of the media, in particular on the Internet;

control over the work of all IT equipment, condition analysis, troubleshooting;

analysis of the causes of faults and their immediate elimination on the basis of information received from the software and hardware departments of faults;

The organization of a reserve of necessary spare parts for immediate elimination of malfunctions;

organization of backup software;

control over the progress of the business by organizing access to the customer database and Internet resources;

solving problems with updating the computer;

analysis of all existing software systems in the Center, development of proposals for the organization of the redistribution of their goals and business processes;

training, installation and use of new software systems taking into account the needs of the scientific environment of the Center;

development and implementation of measures to prevent the emergence of “viruses” that are the source of software systems;

analysis and expansion of existing network networks and development of proposals for improvement;

Development of proposals to increase the number of computers;

Improving and expanding the internal communication network, taking into account the needs and capabilities;

Expansion of access to the Internet for the organization of wide access to world information resources, the organization of a wide range of students, graduate students and teachers;

timely informing the head of the center about communication problems, program and technical problems;

the creation and improvement of the official site, taking into account the worldwide recognition of the Center;

enrichment of the library with new books and preparation of their electronic copies;

The official website of the Imam Bukhari International Research Center www.bukhari.uz has been in operation since its inception. To date, our site contains 4325 information.


Article 878

Announcements 1400 points

Hadith 124

Alliances 328

Video 265

Audiobooks 49

Pictures 276

Books for the discussion of 92 subjects

The manuscript fund is 214 copies.

International contacts 124

Library 118

Conferences 1 pc.

Journal 12

Infographics – 377

Museum – 61


In addition, this information is also posted directly on the social network imambukhari on the TV channel telegram @bukhariuz, facebook, bukhari.uz, tvitter @www_bukhari_uz, instagram bukhari.uz and mover.uz. In addition, the Center’s website is under development at www.bukhari.uz.


In addition, this section has a library for readers, and the information library has 7345 books, of which 6000 (six thousand) books out of 203 (two hundred and three) are provided by the Imam Bukhari International Center. Of these, a total of 1165 (one thousand one hundred sixty-five) 486 new books were purchased from Hilal, the Book of Worlds and Gafur Ghulam.

These books include books on encyclopedias (74), journalism (6), philosophy (20), psychology (33), religion (190), politics (25), economics (14), jurisprudence (143), military (7) (14), ethnography (7), linguistics (27), botany (2), medicine (12), art (37), literary criticism (43), history (61), fiction (503) Literature (14), World Literature (64), Sport (2)

The number of books received as a gift is 200.


In the department of 5 people.

Head of Department: Uzakov Zafar

Contacts: E-mail: uzb.zaf@mail.ru

Phone.: +99866 240 2024/ Mob.: +9893 350 2834
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