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Students’ knowledge is tested based on Al-Azhar experience

In recent years, Uzbekistan and Egypt have been actively cooperating in promoting the principles of tolerance and enlightenment of the sacred religion of Islam, the study of religious and spiritual heritage, as well as countering various threats in the world.
The Hadith Science School is one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions of our Republic and seeks to raise the scientific and professional level of its students to the criteria of Al-Azhar University, which is one of the most prestigious and ancient universities in the Islamic world. For this purpose, two professors were involved from this university.
Classrooms of the hadith scientific school are equipped with modern technical and technological equipments, such as computers, smart boards, etc. in order to conduct training and exams in accordance with international requirements. There is also a modern gym and indoor pool.
For students, all conditions are provided for independent study of their specialty using modern information technologies. This makes it possible to keep abreast of the latest news of the educational process in all universities in the world, including Al-Azhar University.
Classes and clubs are organized by the method of Al-Azhar University.

A special commission led by the rector of the school O. Yusupov watches the exam.
Before the start of the last test week, the school leadership held an explanatory meeting with teachers on exam requirements and student assessment systems. The main purpose of the meeting was to control quality and prevent violation of the rules.
The development of questions for each subject and the determination of the level of student achievement is carried out in accordance with international educational standards two weeks before the final control tests at school.
Final control tests for the first half of the school year are conducted in Arabic. This will help bring Al-Azhar University closer to the school.
According to the results of exams, the student performance level is more than 90%.

In a word, the teachers of the Hadith school do everything possible to enrich the knowledge of students, achieve the maximum possible results in the future and become the highest scientific institution in the field of hadithology.

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