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Handwritten edition of the roof of the mausoleum of Amir Temur

Self-consciousness, about the activities carried out in the history of the legal, Islam Karimov said the following: “Our historical individuals, cities and cultural monuments anniversaries and holidays have become a good tradition”. This is not just about the celebrations here. More importantly, in their own time, we left a significant legacy for future generations, should be positive, and we appreciate their contribution to global civilization. Of course, every nation will try to remember their ancestors and their dignity. Such efforts need to be closer to the people. “

The opening of the content of the information on historical monuments, strengthens memory. If we know the past and have selected the correct path, we are not gonna get under the influence of various doctrines. Our ancestors left historical monuments, inscriptions, teach us to be vigilant.

So one of the historical monuments of Samarkand  Guri Amir or Gur among the people Mir (Mir Sayed Baraka) has been called an architectural monument (a 14. 1405 year end). In this there mausoleum of the dynasty are buried Timurids Amir Temur, his patron Mir Said Baraka, sons Omar, Shohrux, Miranshah, grandson Muhammad Sultan and Ulugbek.

On the dome of the mausoleum of the tomb is written: “The immortality of God / praise God.” This inscription is of particular philosophical significance. It says that people do not last forever, every man is a guest in this world. The Uzbek people have a proverb: “Death is equal for all”, “death is not where you do not get away”, they reflect deep philosophical content of the article. The inscription on the dome maintains that a person must be satisfied every day. The inscription written by  calligraphers   this time reflects not only the religious sense, but also the approach from a spiritual point of view. Considering the evil of the human soul to forget about the environment, create disturbances, war in the country.

It is no secret that the inscriptions on the dome allow to understand and prevent humanity of the above said the event. According to statement of Babur, the first mausoleum was built in the south of Samarkand is Tashkurgan by Timur’s grandson Muhammad Sultan Mirza. “In the Samariya”, “At the time when Mir Said Baraka was in Samarkand, Amir Temur came to see madrassas  of Muhammad Sultan. From the sunset of the madrasa, built for himself the greatest mausoleum made of marble and green stones. On the northern part of the dome was erected as the greatest madrassas, around there, he created a beautiful alley.

After the death of Said Baraka his body was brought from Mozandaran and buried inside this dome. Muhammad Sultan was killed March 13, 1403, and Amir Temur ordered to build a mausoleum in his memory. It was erected in the courtyard of the madrasah.

The product “Zafarname” Nizamiddina Shomy tells the story of the events of Sultan Muhammad Amirzade: This grief overwhelmed the soul of the people, this tragedy shocked the spirit of Amir Temur. According to Ibn Arabshoh in his work, after the death of Sultan Muhammad in the city of Rome, all the people drowning in tears, even all the inhabitants of Samarkand wearing mourning clothes. He also informs the reader knows the Koran, Dzhamolidin Ahmad al Harazmi while Sultan Muhammad when he lived was his Imam and after his death in his mausoleum served in that position. Ibn Arabshoh reports that he died a natural death in the city of Bursa on the Islamic calendar in 831 year (1427-1428 year). We have survived mainly courtyard gate and the building of the mausoleum. As a result of archaeological research in the courtyard of the mausoleum built by the Sultan Mohammed remains were found Madrasah and rooms. They are located in the north-Western part of the mausoleum.

Domed shrine is located in the south of the courtyard, the walls of the mausoleum decorated with blue, green and white tile, geometric shapes and patterns. Construction of the mausoleum continued during the reign of Amir Temur’s grandson Mirzo Ulugbek.  During his reign the graves were surrounded by carved marble balustrade. By order of Ulugbek in 1424 in the eastern part of the mausoleum was built four domed gallery. At the foot of the tomb of Said Barack buried Amir Temur. On three sides of the buried Mohammed Sultan, Miranshah and Umarshayh. Later, there were placed tombstones grandchildren Temur on a strict order. Tombstone Timur was made of blue jade that was brought Ulugbek during the campaign in Mongolia. On the tomb of Timur written praising words of his dynasty and ode.  All of the tomb by order of Ulugbek were made of carved marble. In the eastern part of the tomb down the stairs, you can see the octagonal tomb. There are tombs in the same order as on the top floor. Also, all the tombstones as a great work of art  and beautifully decorated.

Moreover walls beautifully painted flowers and the edges are decorated with green stone. Gold and silver chandeliers fabulously lit inside the sanctuary. This mausoleum magnificent work of art.

At the front door of the mausoleum of Gur Emir wrote, “All the property and a good end to the will of God,” these words were addressed to humanity.  These words are taken from the Koran, and convene people do not abuse the wealth and always remember God. To awaken people’s conscience and thank God for each day passed.

At the entrance to the interior of the mausoleum is written as “God bless and says promises righteous in paradise gardens (from the Karan).

Analyzing the inscription on top of the mausoleum, knows everything like that, “Satan said to God: But you misled me, I told them (the people) on the ground (all sinful behavior) and show beautiful Take them away from the path of truth”. God answered him: “Honest and righteous (choose the path of truth) go to heaven and who Choos sinful path of their place in hell” In the mausoleum Gur Amir these words written on the door at the entrance to the tomb.

 These words are instructive for the spiritual development of mankind living on this earth, and this is the school that would be generated as a person.

Recently renovated, the mausoleum and the dome of the tomb.

There were found the remains of the mausoleum and some rooms impeccably renovated. In the summer of 1941, on the eve of the Second World War, contrary to Muslim tradition, graves were uncovered Amir Temur and Ulugbek. As reported by the clergy that it will not lead to good rezultate.And history has shown us the tragic consequences of these developments. The architectural complex of the initiative of President Islam Karimov were held repair work from 1991 to 1996. Mausoleum restored to a certain extent, found its place in the spiritual heritage of people. This mausoleum is a symbol of spirituality of our heritage.

Suxrob Ergashev,
Scientific researcher of IBISRC
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