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Participants of the “Cultural Heritage Week” to Hold a Conference in the IBISRC

           An international conference of Islamic scholars will be held on August 25 at Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center as part of the “Cultural Heritage Week”, “Uzbekistan – Crossroads of the Great Paths and Civilizations: Empires, Religions, and Cultures”.

Representatives of international organizations such as IRCICA, UNESCO, and academies of science from several countries, scholars from reputable Islamic research centers, heads of library collections of rare manuscripts, will be heard at the conference.

Within the framework of the event, there will be a presentation of volumes of books and albums of the series “Books on monuments of Uzbekistan” dedicated to monuments in Khorezm and Bukhara regions.

The National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan (Uz NAEMM) and the BBC Uzbek Service will present the book, “The Anchor of the Anchor: Secrets and Realities.”

The participants of the conference “The Light coming From the Bottom of the Ages” will continue the event in two sections: “The Art of Book and Art in the Book: The Legacy of the Movarounnahr Manuscript” and “Architecture and Art of the Islamic World – an integral part of the world civilization”.

Scientists and experts are expected to present new findings on science and culture, as well as contemporary interpretations of various facts.

Guests will get acquainted with the activities of Imam Bukhari International Research Center, look at exhibits in the institution’s museum and rare works in the library.

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(Translated by N.O.Yusupov)

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