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The most respected madhhab

The 4th annual the Hanafi school workshop, organized in cooperation with the Center for Islamic Studies (ISAM), was held at the Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center on June 4. Islamic scholars of our country, Turkey, USA, Austria, Germany are participating in it.

A comparative study of the formation of the Hanafi madhhab in Movarounnahr and Iraq, as well as studies of jurisprudential sources and texts, an analysis of the interpretation of the rules of judgement in the books “Al-Adabul Qazi” and “Ad-Da’wa”, the contribution of fiqh (jurists) in Central Asia to the development of the madhhab, as well as the Mamluks (Egypt) and Ottoman (Turkey) states in order to reveal the role and importance of Hanafiism in the social life of the conference, organized online and offline in a total of six branches.

On the first day of the conference, mainly devoted to the lectures of foreign experts, approaches to Islamic law from the perspective of historiography, critical research and normative practice were discussed. In this regard, the formation of fiqh theory without theology, Iraqi and Central Asian traditions in Hanafi law, Abu Zayd Dabusi and his contribution to the development of Hanafi criminal law, as well as issues of recitation in “Tafsiri Nasafi” were considered. The participants also commented on the role of oaths and vows in Hanafi jurisprudence and the mapping of Hanafi views and opinions in different regions on the laws of Imamate.

The conference will last three days.

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