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Educational events in memory of Imam Maturidi

Maverannahr gave to the world outstanding thinkers who made a significant contribution to development not only in Islamic civilization, but also in world science. One of these scholars is Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi, the great thinker and founder of the Kalyam science. As previously reported, on March 3-5, an international conference is planned in Samarkand “Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi and the teaching of maturidia: past and present”. Currently, there is a wide preparation for this event in Samarkand.

The International Scientific-Research Center of Imam Bukhari has developed a plan for a working group that will organize the Week of Imam Maturidi in educational institutions and makhallas of Samarkand. It is planned to organize spiritual and educational events, giving lectures on the life and scientific heritage of Imam Maturidi within this Week.

The first seminar was held on February 11 at Samarkand State University. The research staff of the Center, teachers and students took part in it.

Over the years of independence, the work of reviving national values, traditions and customs, as well as studying the heritage of great thinkers, has been raised to the level of state policy. In recent years, special attention has been paid to the reconstruction of places of worship, the opening of new research institutes. Concentrated work is underway to study and research the scientific heritage of our scientists. In the course of these works, scientific and practical seminars and conferences at the national and international levels are very important.

– As a result of the Center’s international cooperation in 2019, Turkish translation of the 18-volume book “Taavilat al-Kuran” from the Theology Department of the University of Marmara (Turkey) and a number of his books from Egypt were brought to motherland. Today’s event also includes a presentation of the above mentioned books and works published by the Center’s scientists: “Scientists from Samarkand”, “Aluddin al-Usmaniy al-Samarkand”, “Ibrahim Safo Bukhari”, “Imam Bukhari Comprehensive Album Book” “Imam Bukhari – Sultan Muhaddiths” under the heading “Enlightenment for ignorance”.

During the events, we will distribute books and brochures published by the Center. Thanks to these works people, youth and representatives of the scientific community will have the opportunity to learn more about the life and scientific heritage of thinkers and scientists, as well as the true humanistic principles of enlightened Islam. It is worth noting that today the Center’s scientists are working on the translation of “Taavilat al-Kuran” by Imam Maturidi from Arabic into Uzbek. After completing the translation, this work will take the form of a modern book and will be available to readers, said Shovosil Ziyodov, director of the International Scientific-Research Center Imam Bukhari.

The event also provided information on the international conference “Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi and the teachings of Maturidia: past and present”, which will be held in March of this year in Samarkand. It was emphasized that the conference played an important role in studying the heritage of Imam Maturidi and promoting his invaluable contribution to the development of Islamic civilization at the international level.

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