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Ideological Security: Its Definition and Ways to Protect It

What is ideological security? It is a protection against the exclusion of human thinking from the normal range of religious political and social issues. This will result in the preservation of public order, security, and stability in society. Islam calls for the protection of ideological security. This prevents any work that poses a security threat.


– Prevents profound departure in religion.

– It does prevent Muslims from being disbelievers.

– To say a disbeliever to somebody is the inevitable consequence of making a mistake in the notion of faith.

– It does prevent the formation of heresy in religion. For example, the Prophet (s.a.w) strongly condemned those who forbade marriage or those who made the fast a lifetime and others. As the Prophet (s.a.w) said: Woe to those who are deeply entered in the religion and who exceed the limits! The harshness in religion causes harm to its owner.

There are several reasons for an ideological to err


– defect in religious education;

– Ignorance of religion and its rules, especially those related to major issues. Judgment by other than what Allah has revealed, the purposes and objectives of the prohibition of good and evil, Jihad and the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims are part of such a broad range of issues.

We should well organize as the study of religious sciences for youth Muslims. They may follow any preacher if is not be well organized.

– Painful progress has been made in the Islamic world. Because it has a direct influence on ideological security. This is especially noticeable in young people who are unaware of the Shari‘a rules of dealing with news and conspiracies.

– Interviewing with people who are deeply religious in the religion and who especially those who have no knowledge of the Sariah evidence and are not aware of religious rules.

Precautions for the protection of ideological security: 

 As for the precautions, we take to protect our ideological security, we can find out:

– We must know about deviant ideas and young people should be vaccinated against them.

– To show that Islam is a religion of moderation by explaining Islam’s rulings based on the principles of generosity and compassion.

  • To pay close attention to the Shari’ah principles of disbelief, ordering and forbidding evil.

– focusing on sound Islamic education in mosques, institutions, universities, and schools.

– Teaching young people the basics of Ahl as-Sunna wa’l community. At the same time, comparative teaching of the fundamentals of erroneous groups, such as foreigners and Mu’tazilians, to protect young people from them and learn to compare and connect with the present.

– Referring to the sources of Ahl as-Sunna wa’l-jama’a in the study of doctrine and methodology and educating the youth based on it.

– Consideration of the minds of young people when addressing issues.

– To provide access to trusted scholars in the event of various incidents.

In addition, for this purpose, young people need to know, develop the knowledge and skills to apply.

– to pay close attention to the correct explanation of the objectives of the religion of Islam in actions such as acts of good, nahi munkar, jihad, and the need to study the general issues following the connect of interests and harms.

– Refrain from communicating with – ideologically deviant people. Because their doubts and claims are charming and thieves.


Are who is responsible for protecting the ideological security?

 It is the religious staff and scholars to protect ideological security. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) was the first person to carry out this task. The Prophet (s.a.w) explained to the Muslims their qualities and warned them at a time when the signs of foreigners were just beginning to appear:

“In the last will be young and stupid people. They speak the best of the best words of the best people. Their faith does not go beyond their throats. They leave the religion, as the arrow comes out of the bow …”

Many hadiths teach that Islam is a religion of tolerance, that it is a grave sin to prevent extremes in religion and to shed innocent blood. In there are forbidden to say, kaffir and are explained their risks.

In there were said that it is haram to oppress non-believers and to betray their rights. In there were taught to be sincere about the leader and the leader and not to oppose the leader if he did not sin. In there were explained. To organize various secret groups and organizations are harams. They are forbidden to treat hostility against the citizens of countries that are at war state with the Muslims, who seek refuge in the Muslim homeland. Were alerted from conspiracy….

All of the above is essential for the protection of the ideological security we speak of. Summing up the above, we must note that every ignorance and every misconception is behind ignorance. Misunderstanding religion, not knowing its source well, and following anyone who claims to be a scientist can manqurt a man into a brook. He becomes spiritually blind and deaf; unable to see the scientific errors of that “scientist” he hears and follows.

He does not realize that our religion is a religion of knowledge and enlightenment, that every action has its own rules, and that even every term translation has its own rules. May Allah mislead us all to a straight path. May Allah protect our descendants from being misled by apostasy or murtad.

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(Translated by N.O.Yusupov)

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