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The Results of a Noble Initiative

First, let us briefly talk about Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers.

It was noted, at the 43rd session of the Islamic Corporation Organization foreign Ministers Council in Tashkent on October 2016 in a speech the head of state president Sh. Mirziyoyev had proposed the establishment of Imam Bukhari International Research Center.

Then the head of our state has put forward some of Uzbekistan’s initiatives emphasizing the need to further expand the cooperation of the ICO member states.

One of such noble initiatives is the establishment of an international research center dedicated to the study of the multifaceted religious and spiritual heritage of our great ancestors, who have made a remarkable contribution not only to Islamic culture but also to the universal civilization.

At the conference, Shavkat Mirziyoev said that the establishment of the Center at the Imam Bukhari Memorial Complex in Samarkand would be logical and cited several favorable factors for its location in Samarkand.

First, Samarkand is one of the pearls of Muslim culture and the classic role of Samarkand in world civilization.

Secondly, the holy graves of Imam Bukhari it is a special spiritual and spiritual atmosphere of this region and he is one of the greatest Muslim thinkers.

This initiative and proposal were supported by ICO countries.

Then, on March 27, 2017, the Presidential Decree “On Measures to Establish Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was adopted.

The center was completed in a short time and was equipped with the latest information technologies, computer equipment, and furniture. There are all conveniences for researchers here.

The Center has made several achievements and successes over the past period.

Memorandums of cooperation were signed with 17 reputable Islamic organizations, research centers, universities and libraries in one area of ​​international cooperation.

Established cooperation with scientific centers in the USA, Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, and India.

In particular, we have established cooperation with Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, Cambridge University, Al Furkan Foundation, British Museum, British Library, and Islamic Center in London.

In addition, Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center implements several promising projects in collaboration with the Islamic Cooperation Organization, Islamic Development Bank, Islamic Research Center for the Study of History, Art and Culture (IRSIKA).

It is well known that at the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the sixth seminar of the Independent Permanent Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is being held in Tashkent. This delegation visited Imam Bukhari International Research Center on October 8, where they familiarized themselves with the extensive construction and creative work carried out here. 

Director of the center Shovosil Ziyodov informed the guests about the establishment, activities, goals, and objectives of the institution, the study, promotion of the scientific heritage of our great thinkers, international cooperation with reputable international research centers

The guests emphasized that the religious and educational sphere in our country has grown to the level of state policy.

The participants of the conference were acquainted with the activities of the Higher School of Hadith Science and appreciated the conditions created for students.

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(Translated by N.O.Yusupov)

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