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Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh: Amir Temur`S Blood Is Flowing In My Vein

Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh, Baron Sheikh- President of the Conservative Muslim Forum. Great Britain

– I love Uzbekistan. I love the hospitality of the Uzbek people. An international conference was held of Islamic scholars on the theme “The Light coming From the Bottom of the Ages” as part of the “Cultural Heritage Week” in Uzbekistan, I made a speech at the International Conference of Islamic Scientists, Imam Bukhari International Research Center, and shared my thoughts, suggestions and initiatives with the conference participants. They supported me. I am very pleased with that.

Today Uzbekistan looks at the world in a new way. President Shavkat Mirziyayev speaks at international meetings and conferences about problems that concern not only Uzbekistan, also the world. At the same time, He is making important initiatives to address them.

In particular, I fully support the initiatives of your President to promote the Islamic religion, ensure inter-ethnic harmony, strengthen and develop religious tolerance, and express my deep appreciation for it.

Because I am an Indian, grown-up from Uzbekistan, I studied the history of the Boburid dynasty, which ruled India for 300 years. The role of the Boburians in the development of science, culture, and education in India is invaluable.

I also read a lot about the Timurid era. Now I can safely say that Amir Temur’s blood is in my veins.

Today, I am very happy to be in the center of the so-called Imam Bukhari, the most famous person in the Islamic world. We must all widely publicize the scientific heritage of Imam Bukhari.

Uzbekistan has been doing a tremendous job of increasing the prestige of Islam throughout the world. I came to this conclusion after listening to lectures by Islamic scholars at today’s conference. After I will return to the UK, I will set out to create significant projects for Muslim organizations and Islamic research centers, and soon I would carry out these projects with Uzbekistan.


Sali SHAHSAVARI- Director of the Islamic Heritage Fund Al-Furqan, Great Britain.

We welcome your suggestions and initiatives

Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Fund is one of the most prestigious institutions in the UK. The Foundation was established to document and preserve the Islamic written legacy, mainly engaged in research, illustration, cataloguing, editing and publishing.

We have been cooperating with Imam Bukhari International Research Center for a long time. Close relations with the leadership of the Center are established. In particular, we donated to the Center many catalogues of manuscripts and fossils. We are ready to further develop cooperation and support all initiatives and proposals in research.

Ms Shoista Bedar is the director of the “Xudo Baxsh Sharq Library”, India.

There are still many unexplored works

I have been to many countries in my profession and have been acquainted with the activities of research institutions. However, I was amazed to see the immense construction and creative work of Imam Bukhari International Research Center.

I am participating in this conference both as a speaker and as an observer. Thousands of manuscripts and works by many scholars and thinkers from the Orient are stored in our library. How much of this legacy has not yet been explored? Today, in a conversation with Islamic scholars, I suggested to join them and explore this great spiritual wealth.

The majority of our students in India our young people from Uzbekistan. They make extensive use of the literature available in the library for their research work. We also too deeply know about the life and work of such great thinkers as Abu Ali ibn Sina, Abu Rayhan Beruni, Mirzo Ulugbek. However, many of their unexplored works remain in the library. In the future, we plan to translate and present them to the wider public with Uzbek researchers.

We can say with confidence that this spiritual heritage will further strengthen scientific cooperation among the peoples of the world and make a worthy contribution to the development of science.


Javad Abbasi – Doctor of Mashhad University named after Firdavsi, Iran.

I will share my impressions with the university community

I was in Tashkent 3 years ago. This time as part of the Cultural Heritage Week, I visited Tashkent, Bukhara, and the ancient and young Samarkand. I am very glad to be among the conference participants to see the cultural heritage sites, architectural monuments and sacred places in these cities.

Today I can see with my own eyes that Uzbekistan is developing dynamically in all spheres. Three years ago, Uzbekistan was a different country today. In particular, the international research center named after the great scholar Imam Bukhari was built far better than the institutions in developed countries. The conditions created here for the researchers are just thrilling. I also got acquainted with the translation work at the Center. I think that in the coming years, this center will serve as a great spiritual and enlightenment base for the Muslim world around the world. I wish the researchers of the Center good luck and success.

The conference gave us memorable moments. Special thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to meet many Islamic scholars and Orientalists. Of course, when I return home, I will tell in detail my impressions to the university community.

Press service
(Translated by N.O.Yusupov)

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