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The Role Of Women In Islam Is In The Points Of Scholars

 On August 13, Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan will hold a training seminar with a lecturer from Stanford University, Doctor of Philosophy and Religious Studies Aziza Shonazarova.

It is well known that many of the great scholars and thinkers from Movarounnahr, who have made a significant contribution to the development of not only Islam, also the Muslim world in various periods of history. This is why there are many places of worship in Uzbekistan, the rarest manuscripts in our scientific institutions, and the fact that the ancestors’ memorial complexes are the most popular sites of international tourism.

Great work is being done to continue the traditions of our great ancestors, to preserve, study, implement and promote they are invaluable scientific and educational heritage.

In particular, Islamic education focuses on enhancing women’s participation in such important areas as public administration, lawmaking, small business, and private entrepreneurship.

This is the theme of this seminar-training organized by Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center – on the theme with the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. The history of women in Islam, one of the most common religions in the world, discusses women’s verses and their interpretations, and the role played by women in the hadith.

Aziza Shonazarova will deliver a lecture entitled “The Role of Women in Islam in the points of Scholars”.

Stanford University is in the top of the US Innovation Higher Education Rankings.

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(Translated by N.O.Yusupov)

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