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The high efficiency of the event was recognized

The 4th annual the Hanafi school workshop, organized in cooperation with the Center for Islamic Research Center (ISAM), continued at the Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center finished on June 6.

At the last stage of the conference, texts related to Hanafi jurisprudence were read, and a discussion was held about the endowment lease contracts of the Karakhanid period in Najmuddin Umar Nasafi’s work “Al-Faiq fi shurutil vasaiq”. Excerpts from the work of Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Umar Sha’bi “Kitobu Majoli Sha’bi” were read out for the participants. Examples from the works of Abu Zayd Dabusi were also given.

During the conference, which was held in six branches for three days, professors of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan, Institute of Oriental Studies named after Abu Rayhan Biruni of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Namangan State University, as well as Sabanji in Turkey, Istanbul and Representatives of Marmara University, University of Texas, Toronto and New York in USA, University of Vienna in Austria, University of Tübingen in Germany and Institute of Islamic Theology of Humboldt University participated.
More than 20 lectures were heard during the conference. The spread factors of the Hanafi school in the regions of Central Asia, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and Libya and the importance of the Hanafi sect in the history of the peoples of these countries were widely discussed. opinions were expressed and scientific discussions were held regarding the historically formed legal relations related to Hanafi jurisprudence.
The conference became a place for lively discussions, scientific debates and exchange of experience. The results of the conference were summarized.
The participants unanimously noted that the event was highly effective and that the goals of its holding were fully achieved, and expressed gratitude to the Center’s management and team, which closely cooperated and provided assistance in organizing the conference.

The participants of the conference were presented with appropriate certificates of the organizers, as well as souvenirs of the Center.

At the end of the event, the participants visited the mausoleum of Imam Bukhari.

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