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The activities of the center are broadcasted live

A press conference was held at the National Press Center of Uzbekistan on the results of the activities of the Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center in 2023 and plans for the current year.

The leadership of the Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center and the republic’s mass media took part in the conference, which was organized in cooperation with the Information and Mass Communications Agency and the National Press Center.

The director of the center, Shovosil Ziyodov, gave information about the work of the center in the field of international relations and the study of manuscripts in 2023. As noted, during the past 2023, a total of more than 100 practical events were organized, such as a conference, seminar, round table discussion, presentations of the Center’s books abroad, signing of memorandums of cooperation, visits abroad and scientific trips, 5 foreign laureates of the international scholarship named after Imam Bukhari advanced their qualifications at the Center. Scientific trips of the center’s scientific staff to Pakistan, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Kazakhstan, the USA, Turkey and Oman were organized, and cooperation relations were established with similar centers and prestigious universities.
Last year, 9 manuscripts and 20 lithographic works were received from residents as gifts.
A national register of 3,301 manuscript copies of Imam Bukhari’s works of 21 titles kept in 256 library collections in 41 countries was created.
Electronic copies of 100 manuscript copies of Imam Bukhari’s “Jomi’ al-sahih” kept in manuscript funds of foreign countries have been compiled.
Annotation of 200 manuscript copies of “Sahih Bukhari” was prepared, and its index was prepared in order to create a facsimile copy.
Annotations of 300 manuscripts stored in the Center’s fund were prepared and 115 of them were placed on the Center’s website.
The name, author, type, libraries of 2155 manuscript works in Turkish, Japanese and German library funds were determined and a list was formed based on the data.
Electronic copies of 62 books (101 works, a total of 10317 pages) stored in the central manuscript fund were prepared.

Otabek Muhammadiyev, deputy director of the center, gave an analysis of scientific research and spiritual-educational work at the center. According to it, 22 works of our great thinkers were translated and edited and prepared for publication. More than 300 scientific articles were published by scientific staff. The articles of 4 researchers were included in the single bibliographic and reference database of international peer-reviewed scientific literature called Scopus.
Researchers gave lectures at more than 300 spiritual and educational events and conducted about 100 video lessons in various fields. In order to prevent misinterpretation of hadiths and convey their original content to the public, the team published a total of 243 materials, 161 materials in the form of rebuttals on current topics, and 381 materials against various religious reports of representatives of religious movements banned in Uzbekistan.
The Center’s new publications were cited as a key measure of operational success. The rare scientific value and high educational value of Imam Bukhari’s works “At-Tarihu-s-saghir” and “Birrul volidain” which were recently translated into Uzbek language for the first time were emphasized, and information was also given about the works that are currently being researched.

Barot Amonov, head of the Center’s department, described the center’s prospective plan and major projects for the second half of this year.
The press conference was broadcast live on UzReport TV and its YouTube and Facebook pages. Internet users also had the opportunity to participate in the event online.
During the conference, online observers, users of social networks and representatives of the press field received answers to their questions.

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