Nowadays, researchers studying the heritage of great writers – thinkers Alisher Navoi and Zahriddin Muhammad Bobur, who have enriched the spiritual treasure of humanity with their unique works – are considered to be representatives of the Turkic civilization, have enriched the treasure of world civilization with their glorious works. One of the urgent tasks facing source specialists is to further study the main essence of the original of the most valuable works of these thinkers, to carry out scientific research on these works and bring their content to the next generation. For centuries, the works of Alisher Navoi and Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur, with their many-sided scientific, aesthetic, spiritual and moral ideas, serve to satisfy the spiritual need and enrich the ethical culture of our people.

On February 14, 2019 in the assembly hall of the Imam Bukhari International Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan an event was held on the theme “Great thinkers of the Turkic civilization” dedicated to the 578th anniversary of Alisher Navoi – “the blessed of the blessed, thinker of the thinkers, leading from the poets” poet philosopher and politician, as well as the 536th anniversary of Zakhiriddin Muhammad Bobur, a just statesman, commander, glorious poet, talented geographer, perceptive historian, scholar a looste. The event was attended by the Director of the Center Sh.Yu.Ziyodov, Ph.D., Professor B.O. Turaev, as well as the Center’s researchers. An associate professor of the faculty of Uzbek philology of the Samarkand State University E. Musurmanov was invited to the event. The event was led by F.Madiev, an employee of the international relations department.

For the opening of the solemn event the director of the Center Sh.Yu.Ziyodov made a congratulatory speech. He congratulated the guests, researchers, as well as all the participants on the holiday dedicated to the anniversary of Alisher Navoi and Zahriddin Muhammad Bobur.

In particular, it was noted that the history is aware of the origin of many great scientists, scientific thinkers, poets, great statesmen and public figures in our region. The study of the life and scientific heritage of our ancestors is very important in the upbringing of the present generation.

In his speech, Associate Professor E. Musurmanov dwelling on the little-studied features of the life and work of Alisher Navoi and Bobur. The speaker emphasized that these two great scientists are not only great representatives of Uzbek literature, but also world literature, which had a very strong and fruitful influence on the formation of the spiritual world of our people.

The solemn event dedicated to these great ancestors is an expression of high respect for their inexhaustible creative heritage, enriched by the valuable artistic ideas of their works. They made a huge contribution to the treasury of world literature.

In his speech, Professor B.O. Turaev emphasized that both individuals, as representatives of the Turkic civilization, they created and composed not only in the field of literature, but they, with their brilliant works, enriched the spiritual world of all world civilization as great thinkers. Until now, Uzbekistan has mainly studied their literature and artistic literature heritage. Unfortunately, the study of the very essence of their multilateral activities of it from the point of view of source studies, history, politics, science and philosophy has not been conducted. Correcting these omissions is an urgent task for our scientists with different specialties.

These thinkers are respectable creators not only for Uzbekistan, but also for the whole Turkic civilization, Islamic civilization, as well as for the whole world. The enlightened, aesthetic and moral (spiritual) world created by them should serve to enrich the spiritual and moral culture of all mankind. In this field, the researchers of our center face (edge) very difficult and responsible tasks. We are faced with the implementation of these noble tasks that we are destined to perform. We must not only study their spiritual heritage, but at the same time acquaint the heritage of the most valuable ideas to representatives of the whole world.

Dear researchers of the center, I wish you success in the excellent performance of this noble and responsible task.

Researchers at the Center read excerpts from poems and gazelles from the works of Navoi and Bobur. In the final part of the event, a very interesting and lively conversation was held about the life and activities of these great thinkers of ours.

After that, the participants of the event were invited to a holiday (charity) table.


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