In the Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center, an event was held on the occasion of the 540th anniversary of the birth of the great poet, encyclopedist, statesman and skillful general Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur on the topic “Today, the importance of the scientific and spiritual heritage of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur”.

The director of the center, Shovosil Ziyadov, made a speech about Mirzo Babur’s life, high human qualities, ideas and feelings glorified in his works. Researcher Jonibek Jumaev shared information about the life of the scholar. As we all know, Babur experienced many events from a very young age. Especially when he was 12 years old, he managed the entire country. It is commendable that he patiently overcame the difficulties, treachery and disgrace during the occupation of Samarkand.

Shaibani Khan did not say without reason that “I have fought many battles, but I have only seen a person like Babur, who is brave, indomitable, and his shoulders are not tired of fighting, and I consider only the battles with him as a real war.”

Babur Mirzo, who suffered severe blows from all directions, did not fit in his motherland, and in the most difficult situation, his life partner turned his back, left for India out of desperation. He later wrote about his successes: “I learned new ways of warfare from all my enemies and from each of my battles, so I won the terrible battle with Ibrahim Lodi.”

Babur was able to achieve his goal of building a centralized, integrated, prosperous state by relying on a policy of humanity and tolerance. That is why the Indian people recognize his services in this regard with special respect even now.

The speaker also touched on the rich spiritual and high scientific value of “Boburnoma”. This work of Babur in the memoir genre is a world-famous encyclopedic work on Uzbek and all-Turkic literature, and is considered immortal not only for its high artistic quality, but also as a valuable historical source.

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