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11th showcase

“Sahih al-Bukhari”, 2000. “Sahih al-Bukhari”, 2003. “MukhtasarSahih al-Bukhari”, 2009. “Al-adab al-mufrad”, 2003. “Sahih al-Bukhari”, 2005. “Sahih al-Bukhari”, 2008. “Sahih al-Bukhari”, 2004. “Sahih al-Bukhari” (Arabic-English), 1996. “OltinSilsila” (“Golden Chain” or “Golden Chain”) – Sahihi Bukhari, 2012. “Kitabadab al-mufrad”, 2000. “FaharisSahih al-Bukhari”, 2004. Al-Bukhari “La véritableéducation” – “Adab al-Mufrad” (French), 2008. “Sahih …

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Murals on the walls of the museum

At the entrance to the museum, the first painting in the upper right corner shows the beginning of the scientific journey of the 16-year-old Imam Bukhari, when his mother and older brother Ahmed went on a pilgrimage from Bukhara to Mecca and Medina. 1 – picture. 2 – picture. The …

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The first touchpanel depicts in the photo slides the international relations of the center with 14 leading Islamic research centers and universities of the world. The second touchpanel provides information on the life, work and rich scientific heritage of Imam Bukhari not only in Uzbek, but also in English, Russian, …

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At the entrance to the museum, the first window on the right shows a map of more than 40 years of scientific life on the path of religion with a length of 13,900 km of the great scientist Imam Bukhari. On both sides of the map is a summary of …

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2-showcase. PEDIGREE

A pedigree written on oriental paper, glued on the back with a white cloth, measuring 3 meters 20 cm long and 30 cm wide. The first 55 lines of the pedigree contain the Hutbu in Arabic-Persian, hadiths and narratives that exalt the descendants of the Prophet. 1. Section. The genealogy …

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