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Uzbekistan: a land multifarious geniuses. ABU RAYHAN BERUNI (973-1048)

Abu Rayhan Beruni was a great multifarious genius of the Middle Ages. At the same time, he was an astronomer, astrologist, mathematician, geologist, geographer, researcher of local lore,biologist, doctor, plant-grower, mineralogist, historian, textual critic, expert in religion, philologist, philosopher, sociologist, expert in logic, theologian and poet. They say that it …

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The Uzbek delegation participates in an international conference in Kyrgyzstan

Yesterday, October 10, an international conference began at the faculty of theology of the Kyrgyz-Turkish University  of “Manas” in Kyrgyzstan. The conference entitled “Contributions of Scientists from Central Asia to Islamic Culture” was opened by the rector of the Kyrgyz Turkish University PhD., Professor S. Balci. Uzbek officials also participate …

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