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The Chairman of the Senate familiarize with the activities of the IBISRC

On September 7, the regular session was held of the Samarkand regional council of people’s deputies with the participation of the Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan Tanzila Norboeva, representatives of public authorities and non-government organizations, businesses and mass media senators, deputies of local councils.

Arriving in the region, T.Norboeva, accompanied by a group of senators, visited the Imam Bukhari Memorial Complex, visited the Imam Bukhari International Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers, and reviewed the enormous work done on the site. They also familiarized with copies of Imam Bukharin’s unique manuscripts, manuscript sources and other exhibits in the Museum of the Center.

The guests were informed about the establishment, activities, goals, and objectives of the Center, as well as the study, extensive study, and promotion of the heritage of our great thinkers, cooperation with reputable international research centers.

The Senate Speaker familiarized himself with the activities of the Center and expressed confidence that this institution, built on the initiative of the head of our state, will become one of the leading research centers in the Islamic world in the coming years. He highly appreciated the work done in the field of international relations, research, and spiritual outreach.

During the visit, T.Norbeva talked with the Center researchers and students of Hadith School. He told about the process of large-scale reforms in the country. Addressing the listeners of the Hadith School, he stressed that they should make good use of the conditions created, become a leading figure in their field, and promote the true humanistic ideas of Islam in our nation and around the world. He urged young people to meet with them individually, not to be fooled by foreign ideas, to actively participate in outreach activities based on their knowledge and experience.

Press service IBISRC
(Translated by N.O.Yusupov)

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